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Moon Rose Apothecary

​✧ Custom blends are available!  Email us to set up your herbal consultation and order custom potions such as salves, balms, oils, tea blends, syrups, elixirs and tinctures. 

✧ Healing and pain-relieving CBD balm, and our other current goods are available for purchase in-person at Moon Rose studio.

✧ All of our products are made in small batches with organic and/or sustainably foraged or home garden grown ingredients.

  • ✧ Myofascial Release
    ✬ Myofascial Release massage works within the crystalline, weblike watery structure that enfolds your entire body: your fascia. This connective tissue envelopes through and around every cell in the body, enwraps each muscle and bone, and supports every organ, illustrating the wholeness and connectivity of the entire body as one structure. ✬ Working with the fascia is key to unwinding chronic pain and holding patterns, lovingly releasing old stories, traumas and stresses, and unlocking restriction in the body, freeing up space and range of movement. ✬ MRT is unlike other modalities of massage and bodywork, and involves a series of compressive holds, gentle releases, and incorporates your breath and awareness. ✬ This type of bodywork is especially for anyone who is ready to shift from and let go of places that were once a source of pain or feeling stuck ~ both within the physical body and in your own life~ and/or who has experienced chronic pain with no or vague diagnosis. ✬ If you want to learn more, or are wondering if we are a good fit for this kind of work, give me a call.
  • ✧ Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
    ✬ Therapeutic Massage caters to your specific needs and goals. Session options range from cranial sacral/energy work to deep tissue and focused medical massage. All therapeutic bodywork sessions work towards pain/tension relief and management as well as stress relief, emotional healing, and energetic clearing. ✬ Therapeutic Massage works with the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of our bodies. ✬ You will always have time prior to the start of the session to talk about what is going on specifically for you. This is the time to check in with yourself, and share with me whatever feels safe and helpful to share. We use this time to collaborate on intentions for your session and what types of modalities to weave in, and where to focus. You are also always welcome and encouraged to share or speak up anytime throughout the session. ✬ CBD oil, botanical oils, aromatherapy, and hot stones are included in every session, unless otherwise requested. ✦ Modalities that may be used in Therapeutic Massage include: ✦ ✧ Medical Massage (specific, goal-oriented, pain-relieving) ✧ Deep Tissue ✧ Myofascial Release ✧ Prenatal & Postpartum Massage ✧ Sports Massage ✧ Cranial-Sacral Therapy ✧ Cupping ✧ Acupressure ✧ Energy Work ✧ Guided Meditation / Somatic Experiencing ✧ Breathwork
  • ✧ Cranial Sacral Therapy
    ✬ Cranial sacral is a gentle hands-on therapy that promotes rest and restoration of the body and nervous system. We work towards the release of specific muscles and parts of the body that tend to "lock up" when we undergo stress of many kinds. The pace of cranial sacral work is slow and timeless feeling. Cranial sacral integrates the use of several long "holds" in which the body, mind and heart have time and space to come into coherence. Often we will work with the breath and your awareness to access deeper unwind. Cranial sacral therapy sessions tend to feel peaceful, rejuvenating, restful and full of release. ✬ Each session includes a mini sound bath with crystal bowls whose sound frequency reaches the bones, cells, nerves, and subconscious levels of your body.
  • ✧ Lymphatic Drainage Massage
    ✬ Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle manual therapy that promotes and encourages the movement of lymph fluids towards the lymph nodes in the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. The lymphatic system is part of your immune system and cleans toxins, proteins, unhealthy cells, viruses, and dead cells. ✬ Lymphatic Drainage massage assists this miraculous system about 20 times faster than the body is able to do on its own. Once a large amount of toxins are eliminated, the body is able to relax more deeply and use its energy more directly to regenerate the cells. ✬ Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a relaxing and rhythmic experience. A 90 minute session length is recommended for this type of massage. Make sure to bring your water bottle and to drink extra fluids after this work.
  • ✧ Song Space (1:1 Sound Bath Experience)
    Sound Bath with crystal singing bowls, mbira, and medicine drum + Guided Meditation ✬ This is an experience for your body, heart and mind (aka your nervous system) to unwind and receive through healing sound frequencies and guided meditation. This is nervous system and subtle-body work. ✬ You will be gently and intuitively guided through visualizations, breath, and the song of the bowls and other instruments into a deep, healing space within yourself. This is a time to connect in with your body, and an extended grounding moment to unwind physical and emotional tension within your tissues, bones, cells, and being. ✬ There is room to play here ~ you are welcome to come in with a question or issue that you want to explore, or arrive with no specific intention. This is mostly a time to receive and let go, and to be led back to your body’s innate balance. ✬ If you would like an oracle card/tarot reading before or after the session, this is an option for an additional $15. ✬ This session is offered in-studio and is a one-on-one experience. Group sessions for 2 or more people are available elsewhere upon request (this can be a location of your choice ~ somewhere outdoors or your own home). Please email or call to set up a group session.
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