I received my Medical Massage & Structural Integration Certification through the year-long, extensive program at the University of New Mexico's Holistic Healing branch in Taos, New Mexico (a landscape that is a teacher in and of itself).


I am trained in both the technical sides of bodywork, such as medical massage and structural integration, as well as the subtleties of intuitive listening and energetic work. My bodywork practice is both structurally-healing as well as deeply energetic and relaxing. Through various techniques, I help to guide my clients into connection with their own body wisdom, and feeling embodied, so that the breath and nervous system initiate deep and innate healing and relief. This is where the most profound shifts can occur.


I specialize in medical massage, structural integration, Cranial Sacral and energy work, prenatal and postpartum, trauma healing, and myofascial release. I continue to study, learn, and take courses in these fields. 

My practice is also directed through my love of the natural world in a way that is not simple to explain, but easily understood by those who share it. This love is infused in my work and offerings. I returned to this  beautiful Central Coast in 2018 after living, working, learning, and studying in various places around the world over the last decade.

In addition to bodywork, my offerings and creative interests include herbalism and art in many forms—from ceramics and paintings, to music and design. I brew a variety of healing herbal products for our community, including slaves, tinctures, and flower essences. I also concoct natural, lovingly-sourced beauty and wellness products.


It is my belief that as we heal ourselves, the planet will heal collectively. It is my hope and humble intention to spread awareness and healing that is so desperately needed on this planet through the healing of tissues and muscles in each body I get the honor to share space with.

Please connect with me further and feel free to reach out via email or phone call. 

Deep thanks!

© 2020 by Moon Rose.  



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