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About Moon Rose


Moon Rose is a healing-centered, somatic bodywork studio and small-scale apothecary, created and carried out by me, Heather Tides. 


My educational background is in medical massage and structural integration (including myofascial release, cranial sacral and energy work, prenatal and postpartum massage, and trauma healing).  I continue to study, learn, and take courses in these fields.  I received my Medical Massage & Structural Integration Certification through the University of New Mexico's Holistic Healing branch in Taos.  I received my massage therapy license after completing the national MBLEX exam.

Each session is woven in with energy work and is intuitively guided.  

Please get in touch with me and/or check out my Offerings page to get a feel for the spectrum of work that is available.


In addition to bodywork, my offerings and creative interests include herbalism and art in many forms—from ceramics and paintings, to music and design. I brew a variety of natural wellness and beauty products for our community (for sale at Moon Rose as well as online). 10% of the proceeds from my herbal business is donated to wildlife organizations (the current recipient is The Dolphin Project).

Please connect with me further via email, phone, or my Instagram account (@moonrose.bodywork). 

Deep thanks!



"I have received multiple massages from Heather over the years and can honestly say she is an incredible body worker. I am a bodyworker myself, and have a high bar set. We also worked together at a spa, and every client that left her care, came out very happy.
Heather is Very intuitive and deeply present in her work. She is capable of a Wide range of pressure, from firm/strong to just as powerful subtle body energy shifting. She applies timely and appropriate pressure that attend to individual bodies’ needs. Heather is a gifted healer that really raises the vibration in the room. Her office space is so cozy and has such great energy, before even beginning the massage, I already felt a softening. After, I floated out and enjoyed a little reflection time in the beautiful garden setting outside her office. You will definitely be glad to get a massage at Moon Rose with Heather. I really can’t recommend her enough."

-Natalie H. 



"Heather's massage is the most healing I have ever experienced. She is intuitive and skilled, and works with you in a communicative way that helps heal not only your body, but your mind and your whole energy field. I have pain and structural issues from long-term back and shoulder injuries and in each of my sessions with Heather she was immediately able to see what was happening with my alignment, muscle and tissue, and respond with the exact pressure/movement/treatment that was needed to help rebalance things. Each time I've worked with Heather I have been transformed in the best way. She brings true M A G I C to her work. The moment you step into her space you are energetically transported. She is a deeply gifted healer."

-April C. 

"My massage from Heather was exactly what I needed. She tuned in to parts of my body that I didn't even know needed attention, and I felt relaxed and loosened for many days following. The session not only allowed me to feel present and at peace in my body, but it also taught me the importance of receiving regular bodywork. Really grateful for my experience with Heather."

-Natalye A.

"This is by far the best massage I’ve ever had. Heather is just so knowledgeable about the musculoskeletal system and really tunes into your body. I also love the music she plays. Such a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Also the products are amazing. The CBD balm, the rose oil, the chapstick, the face masks, everything is awesome!"

-Katherine V.

"Moon Rose Goods are truly potent with healing magic and good intentions. I have used many different products in my life and the intention in the products I’ve received from Moon Rose has been palpable. I can sense love, gentleness, healing power, and a great deal of care in the crafting of the CBD balm, mars lip balm, and natural sun screen. I am happy to have access to products that are intended to care for the wellbeing of the individuals that choose to buy from Hiidi aka Heather. Medicine people do exist, all products out there are not created equally. Heather is absolutely a medicine maker."

-Mae P.

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