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Healing Salve for Healing Hands

Healing Salve for Healing Hands

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Healing salve crafted with potent organic and wildcrafted botanical ingredients. 

This salve was created with healers, massage therapists, bodyworkers, health care workers, artists, gardeners, and everyone/anyone who uses their hands. 


This salve brings relief, flow and healing to the joints and muscles of the hands. It also has a softening and hydrating effect on the skin.


It is safe to use on other parts of the body as well, and I encourage you to apply to all areas that could use some relief and love. 


Available in 2 oz. jars. 


*Ingredients: jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil, plantain, willow bark, calendula, comfrey root, bay laurel.


*all ingredients are organic and/or sustainably wildcrafted  


~note: do not use internall or on open wounds .

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